Gutter Liners

Relining of existing gutters with Weatherfast gutter liners. Nationwide service from the UK’s leading industrial cladding and roofing specialists.

HRC can re line your existing gutter with a Weatherfast gutter liner which covers any rusting areas and stops any leaks within the gutter. It also helps the gutter bond together if it’s an older gutter.

When gutters start to fail, water gets into the building and damages materials and plant and can be an expensive problem. We offer the Weatherfast gutter liner system, which consists of a membrane bonded 1.2mm thick to a .66mm thick steel liner creating hinges in the corners of the gutter to allow the system to follow the gutter.

This system comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty. Samples are manufactured prior to installation to ensure the gutter is a tight fit. Should the gutter be perforated due to rust, this system will span over the problem areas and reduce the expense of plating the failed areas.

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